Volume 12

Halloween, or as I like to call it All Hallows’ Eve is almost upon us. Yet another reason why autumn is my favourite season. Halloween more recently has become a favourite day of mine over the past few years. And yes, I was one of those kids who went trick-or-treating and was way too told. Just in case I didn’t already know, the looks I received from adults was proof enough. But I didn’t care, when did 17 become too old to celebrate Halloween? To enjoy the last year of what is officially the year where we are still a kid, before we must exchange our bags to carry the large load of adulthood on our shoulders? One thing I know for sure, when it comes my turn to hand out candy, a part of home ownership which we are yet to be privy to, I will greet kids of all ages. Just as I was one of those teenagers who tried to hold on to my youth, I too know how unfair it seemed to have to say goodbye to so many things as we get older.

Though many people will travel to stores around the end of summer and see the decorations of holidays yet to come and feel annoyance, I am quite the opposite. Halloween decorations in August is just fine with me. As soon as they become available and those specialty costume shops that seem to pop up out of nowhere, I rejoice in knowing that Halloween is on its way. I continue to add more decorations to multiple already overstuffed Halloween bins, but my fiancé knows well enough that there is no such thing as too much Halloween decor. As with every year around October, Halloween nears and I once again mention how I will be the house which gives out those legendary large chocolate bars and spend exorbitant amounts of money on outdoor decorations. It is not a goal of mine to have a house on tv or become noteworthy with decorations , it is simply me giving into my inner love of all things Halloween.

Much like Thanksgiving , I enjoy watching tv specials and movies. My fiancé who is not a Halloween fan like me, knows that when it comes to October I am the sole proprietor of our tv. He goes along with it enjoying what I choose and I couldn’t love him more for it. He even went so far as to propose to me on Halloween, he is truly one of a kind and the only one for me. So as I being my work scheduling programs, movies and specials, I look forward to Halloween. I realize that as I have grown and come into my own I have come to love and create so many traditions with the freedom to decorate and plan as much as I like. This is the first year in which we finally justified buying a white pumpkin, I have admired them seeing them at others houses, but the price had me opting for orange instead. I must say that it is the coolest kind of pumpkin and I dare not carve it. So I will leave it and enjoy it all month long amongst all the orange pumpkins big and small.

I would never assume that Halloween is as special to me as it to others. Though I would assume that Mr.King whom no doubt encouraged my love of the holiday, does delight in All Hallows’ Eve. But, not everyone celebrates like I do, most enjoy it in their youth and as time goes by they accept it no longer plays the same role. In truth, it is a holiday more for children, although it didn’t begin that way.

Many of us know the origins of All Hallows’ Eve if we enjoy the holiday. The beginning of the tradition looked very different what what is if today. I will not attempt to teach a history lesson but will say that it’s roots go back thousands of years and has become a more mild celebration than its original purpose. Despite thousands of years of change though, one thing about Halloween has remained untouched, the unknown of the spirit world who legend has it are able to pass over to the world of the living on Halloween. So, thousands flock to haunted houses, line up for scary tours and the very brave turn off all their lights in an attempt to contact the spirits of those past. My Halloween nights are by far much more demure. They consist of a couple favourite movie which we only watch once a year, lots of snacks and my loved one. I have never been brave enough to partake in some of the more scarier Halloween past times and don’t think I ever will be, but for those who do, kudos in truly embracing the Halloween spirit.

So as I count down the days to my most beloved holiday, 13 days if you’re wondering. I will enjoy the decorations the houses in our town. Those ones where at any other time of year seem to blend into the rest of the rows of house, but in October we get to see the fun and youthful sides of our neighbours in the form of their decor. Then there are those few really amazing houses where the owners seem to embody fear on their front lawn- the houses that kids seek far and wide and dare dare each other to ring the bell and where you wonder if that thing sitting on the bench is a real person waiting to scare you, or just an innocent decoration. We all know there is only one way to find out.

Halloween is a time when the true horror classics at your local library become harder to come by. When we rediscover old classics and find new favourites. Best of all, Halloween is when it’s okay candy is a regular item on your shopping list as we dread to be the house that runs out, yet we can never tell and always seem to have lots of leftovers anyway.

So, for all the reasons above and so much more, I anxiously await the arrival of All Hallows’ Eve and save up my most beloved movies for that night. Where we will savour delicious Halloween treats, some in which may not look too appetizing in the form of spiders or other ghastly creations, but delicious nonetheless. Most importantly for me, I will know as past years have taught me, to cherish the evening as like time, it flies by. So Happy Halloween to all who celebrate, decorate, bake, trick-or-treat, host movie marathons, throw parties or spend the night with close friends. Just be sure to lock your door, check under the bed and blow out the candles in your pumpkins before you go to sleep as it is All Hallows’ Eve and anything can happen. Boo!

“They thought of All Hallows’ Night and the billion ghosts awandering the lonely lanes in cold winds and strange smokes.”

Ray Bradbury, The Halloween Tree

Until next time…

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