Volume 15

To say things have changed since my last post would be an understatement. The world as we know it has become foreign and harder to recognize. Unfortunately, we have lost ones we love, things we love and have had to adapt to a more solitary lifestyle. We are all quite a social bunch in this day and age at least I think so anyways. Coffee shops regularly a buzz with friends and coworkers catching up, parks and trails full of families spending time together and making memories, and movie theatres full of fans whom patiently awaited the release date of the latest summer blockbuster.

This time will not soon be forgotten, nor the ones around the world we have lost through this virus. It is easy to forget in a world as large as ours, just how much we have in common. Those in parts of the world we have never been nor that we’ve met we suddenly have a connection with. Everyone feels fear for their future and uncertainty abound in everyday. We’ve been challenged in a short time to learn to adjust and adapt our life. Social distancing now a coined term, is at the forefront of many of our thoughts now. Even trips to the store have changed greatly as we learn to navigate this new way of life.

Many of us have lost our jobs, or we are working from home. But there are those who have to work, who have been handed a job to care for and provide services supporting the rest of us. And for that I know we are all truly grateful as the term hero takes on new meaning.

Through all the ups and down, which there are more downs than ups, I believe we have learned. There will always be some who who’ll be unwilling to change and who do not adapt to these new rules, as the recent warm weather has shown. We all bear a responsibility not just to ourselves but to others to do what is responsible. But I know we have all heard the daily updates and don’t need another lecture.

For me, I’ve always been a little bit of a worry wart. A tendency to be over anxious has made me a cautious person who mostly keeps to herself. I’m not one for travel . I know there is so much beauty in the world and I am missing out, but its been my decision to stay close to where I call home for the greater part of my life. I find my life quite fulfilling as it is, but it that ever changes, I will be sure to take advice from as many people as I can and make the most of what this world has to offer.

For others, travel is a big part of their life, exploring and discovering different parts of the world and their cultures is what they live for. That has come to a halt as we all do our part to keep others safe. I know those world travellers await the day when they can once again enjoy and visit family and friends as life will again resume one day, although we wait for that day to come.

Throughout history, there have been events in the world that change us as humans and test us. For many of those of my generation who are fortunate, we have never lived through anything that has challenged our life as well as defined it. We live in an age with so many social outlets to connect, and yet maybe we aren’t as connected as generations before us. Many prefer texting to phone calls and I’ll be the first to admit I am guilty of this, but now phone calls and video chats have become much more important and precious.

Making time in the day to call a loved one, driving by their house to let them know you’re thinking of them, dropping off groceries for neighbours who can’t get out or connecting through all these new avenues that let you feel as if you’re close to family and friends have reminded us of how important the small things are. Through all the bad I hope that we learn to remember how much we wished we could visit our family, our friends our colleagues when we are able to do so again.

Maybe whenever we are able to get back to what normal used to be, even if it becomes a new normal, I hope we don’t forget what is most precious. What got us through those tough times and the ways in which we learned to be together.

I am thankful to be spending my time with my husband, whom through this experience I’ve only grown more close to. Many we’ve heard have trouble connecting with their spouse or significant other through this time, which is prevalent through this virus. For the greater part of our relationship we’ve been friends first and that foundation we unknowingly built has got us through much.

I’ve grown to appreciate the little things more, looking forward to spending time together on our balcony, and by in large, rewatching some of our favourite shows together. We’ve even planted a little garden on our balcony, we are far from having a green thumb, but are happy to report we’ve yet to kill any plants. We’re fortunate as our friendship throughout this time has become stronger as we find new ways to have fun at home and discover new hobbies we can enjoy as a couple.

I would be remiss to not mention my cats, the three little ones that have become my constant companions during this time home. I’m unsure if they are quite as happy as I am being home with them, but they have kept me company and if I’m being honest, maybe I talk to them a little too much. But they have made this journey a lot easier as they are to me a source of joy and a needed distraction.

Lastly, I would like to say that I hope for all of us that we find time to do something for ourselves. A needed distraction. Whether it’s learn a language, get fit, take some courses, read or reread our favourite books, knit or crochet which I am attempting, but currently on hold- patience is not my friend. But that we do it. That is my hope for all of us, to be able to find joy and happiness in a time where we need it maybe now more than ever before.

Stay safe, keep well and remember to be kind. We are all in this together. Thanks for reading and I promise to write again soon.

Until next time…

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