Volume 10

First of all, I’d like to thank those who read and even more those who follow my blog. This is my tenth post, and I more grateful than ever for those so take the time to read it. I hope you continue to tell your family and friends about my blog and stay along for the ride as there are many more posts yet to come.

Now onto what this post is all about. Since it is my favourite season, I thought it’d be fun to switch it up a bit and talk about some of my most loved holidays. Most of which happen during the month of October. And it is true when I say that it has nothing to do with pumpkin flavoured products, all of which I don’t subscribe to, or the fall tv programming that come with autumn, although it is a great bonus.

Autumn has long been my favourite season. Who doesn’t love taking a walk or a drive and admiring the beautiful leaves. We watch as they change from shades of green to colours we are only given the chance to see this time of year. And for me the smell of fall is unsurpassed, it’s something that conjures up so many feelings. Some may think it weird but when you adore fall as much as I do,there are so many memories synonymous with autumn the list is truly endless. One of those memories are the inspiration for this post, Thanksgiving.

Now Thanksgiving has always been something I’ve enjoyed. It hasn’t always been my favourite, but what kid loves Thanksgiving more than Christmas? And although the magic of Christmas has remained with me, a rarity amongst adults, fall has taken over a new place in my heart for many years.

As I am writing this very post, I am just in awe of the beauty that is fall. Since it’s official start we haven’t had typical fall weather here in this part of Canada, but the trees know its time. As the leaves fall from the trees they seem to dance in a way that to me says they accept that it is their time but they go in a beautiful glory. If we only take the time to watch as it happens in the blink of an eye.

Thanksgiving means so many things to so many. And fall is a large part of this wonderful season. The special traditional foods, the previously mentioned pumpkin spice craze in which anything and everything has a little bit of pumpkin in it and most importantly, the family togetherness. I grew up with big family dinners at just about every holiday you can mention. I always looked forward to the holidays as it was a time to visit family, play games with cousins and catch up on the time that has passed . Those traditional dinners lasted a long time for me and I will always cherish and remember then. And though the kids have all grown throughout the years, they continue bring the family together. Though no longer a part of the kids table are the kids who once sat at those very seats, a new generation comes to gather to make more memories which I hope become a part of their lives as well. I am sad to say that though those dinners continue, I am no longer a part of them. I know I will always be welcomed with open arms and I am thankful for that, but over the years I have come to want to create my own traditions.

This year will be the first in our new place in which hosting Thanksgiving dinner is no longer out of the question. And as two new families will come to be joined with the marriage of myself and my fiancé this year, we will add more traditions. The last few years of Thanksgiving I have lived farther away from my family and so have made some traditions with just the two of us, nothing like the dinners or times of my youth but still something I look forward to. Now I am sure some will see these traditions as silly, but they are what the holiday has become to us.

This will be the third Thanksgiving that we will celebrate being together without a large family, and it will go as every other one has. Naturally, my love of baking and cooking will have me make way too much food for just two people but somehow our leftovers never last as long as they should- dessert included. But my favourite part of Thanksgiving is my tradition of watching all of my favourite Thanksgiving themed tv specials. There are a few shows that we watch every year without fail. As we cook and prepare we watch our shows, laugh like it’s the first time we’ve seen it, and are filled with a feeling of the holiday. I know this must differ greatly from what others celebrate but to me its Thanksgiving and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

No matter what your traditions are, whether they filled will family and friends surrounded by beautifully decorated tables, or they are small and intimate like mine, I hope you have a tradition. Something that makes you grateful for what you have, that you look forward to every year and even if it is yet to be created that you find something that makes the holiday special. Holidays are meant to be celebrated, they give us an opportunity to enjoy being human and making connections. If it’s your first grown up Thanksgiving on your own, maybe it’s challenging yourself to host a large dinner with family and friends and to see what we are capable of.

So as I sit in my living room, aplenty of thanksgiving and fall decor as soon as we say goodbye to summer, I hope you discover what this Thanksgiving will look like for you. Lots of guests or not, large meal or small. I hope you take the time to give thanks and appreciate all that we have been blessed with in this beautiful season.


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